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Final Post

  1/12/2022 on her birthday, weeks before her diagnosis of leukemia  I believe many know by now, or will know soon, but Ruth passed away last night with me and Naomi lying in bed at her side. She went quickly after we made her Comfort care and withdrew all support. All family was present as well. Our pastors came, spoke words, and prayed over her. She is finally at peace. She fought valiantly. She is with God now, fully whole again. At least that’s what I whole heartedly believe. Prayers were answered, not how I would have wanted it, but I trust in God’s will and plan for me, Naomi, the family and all those effected by Ruth’s passing. That includes the ripple effect to all you readers. I am thankful to be surrounded by such a strong community of friends and family, who  reached out and helped out in enumerous ways. I’m sad, and will dearly miss the love of my life. But I will recover. Naomi is doing well so far and I know she is a resilient little girl. She will miss her mamma.  I will

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